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About Me

My knits, fabrics and jewellery may appear to be quite different arts, but they have a number of similarities, and followed a gradual progression beginning with knitting from about 8 years old, followed by sewing (dolls clothes & toys, followed by clothes for myself, then later quilting), then creating my own hand dyed fabrics for quilting. I began beading in 2004, partly to experiment with ways of embellishing quilts and clothing, and partly to create jewellery that I couldn't afford to buy myself.

I had always planned to try silversmithing and glassblowing, but had never had the opportunity or funds to try either, or have a place to use and store the equipment. While in the early stages of learning beading techniques, I came across sterling silver wire, and began to use it for making linked and wrapped loop beaded jewellery. In mid 2004, I had a health scare, and while waiting for test results, bought a gas torch to experiment with melting and making things from the scraps of silver wire and old broken sterling silver jewellery. During this time I also came across a technique of weaving wire known as viking knit, or trichinopoly. Both styles of working with silver very quickly became obsessions. The wire knitting allows me to combine my early crafts with my current jewellery making art. While I still have not been able to try glassblowing, I will soon be taking a course in glass lampwork bead making, which will also link in with my jewellerymaking.

I quite often alternate between these arts & crafts, and experiment with new ones, to keep my designs fresh, and to avoid becoming bored, and churning out products that look like factory made or repetitive production line work.Having a background in the various styles of crafts has also given me a different approach to using techniques across mediums, creating unique and innovative techniques for embellishing my jewellery.

My newest craft is handspinning wool (which also links in with knitting) using a drop spindle, and will soon be upgrading to a spinning wheel. As I improve my spinning skills, I will also be using the handspun wools to create hand or machine knitted accessories. My knitting machine is a 1960's machine, which only automatically creates the basic knit (stocking stitch) fabric, and requires extensive input by hand setting individual needles to create patterns, and finishing by hand for ribbed or other style bands.