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Crystal Galaxy Bracelet

Scroll down to see custom made variations of this design. The original bracelet will not be sold, but 1 duplicate of it will be made for sale. All other orders will have slight variations, so each will be a unique "one of a kind" piece.

Crystal Galaxy Bracelet


  • Length ~ 9"
  • Silver weight ~ 24.1g


  • Sterling silver wire
  • Swarovski bicone crystals
  • Swarovski ½ rondelles

This bracelet was selected as one of 25 finalists in the "2006 Crystal Park Australian Creative Beading Awards of Excellence"

*** Full results of Creative Beading magazine's 'Swarovski Creative Beading 2006 Awards of Excellence' competition ***

Item #J010


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Price is a guide based on the example left, customisation may vary the final price.

Please respect my rights in regard to this design. It is covered by copyright from the time of its creation in early 2006 (completed in April 2006) and is NOT to be duplicated by anyone for personal or commercial use under any circumstances. It is the result of almost 3 months of designing, experimenting with techniques & research to ensure it was a completely original design and technique. If you would like to own one, please contact me to enquire about a custom version created especially for you. Unfortunately, this copyright notice has become a necessity on this page, as a result of this design being illegally copied by someone after I explicitly refused her permission to duplicate it.

Please do NOT copy any of my designs for personal or commercial use without first obtaining my permission to do so. In the majority of cases, I will give permission, as the majority of my work involves techniques for which tutorials are freely available on the internet or in books. If you ask, I will provide as much assistance as I can to help you create your own versions of those pieces. The sites and books I use most often are already listed in my links page. If you are uncertain about copyright issues, please check the factsheets relating to arts and crafts available at the Australian Copyright Council website.

Fuschia Crystal Galaxy Variation