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Alpaca Handspun Wool Moebius Scarf

Handspun Black Alpaca Wool Moebius Scarf



  • Natural black Alpaca fleece
  • Pink Rayon thread

Continuing on after my first experiment with spinning, I bought a black and a cream alpaca fleece. This brought a very steep learning curve in preparing raw fleece for spinning - apparently alpacas like to roll around in the dirt and have dust baths!

I began by using dog slicker brushes (normally used for brushing poodles and other long haired dogs) to prepare the fleece using techniques shown on The Joy of Handspinning site for hand carding. This was a very slow process, and very dusty, so I ended up washing both fleece and starting over. It took a few weeks to card and spin enough wool for this scarf. This one was plied with a bright pink rayon thread.

I again used the technique shown in the moebius scarf pattern from Planet Shoup, with my own improvisation in the pattern.